Release History

2.3 planned features
2.2.2 2005-06-26
2.2.1 2005-03-24
2.2 2005-02-10
2.1 2004-05-12
2.0.3 2004-02-05
2.0.2 2003-12-27
2.0.1 2003-12-07
2.0 2003-10-31
2.0-beta3 2003-10-24
2.0-beta2 2003-10-23
2.0-beta 2003-10-15
1.2 2002-10
1.1 2002-08
1.0 2002-06
0.1 2002-04

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Release 2.3 - planned features

fix TODO: get an accurate number of failures and successes at the end of the execution (false failures were previously counted), list the files that could not be downloaded ludovicc
update TODO: update to Commons-HttpClient 3.0 ludovicc
add TODO: add module support by parsing the CVSROOT/modules file. ludovicc
add TODO: add option to check out files in DOS mode, UNIX mode ludovicc
fix TODO: running cvsgrab on a repository seems to change the modification date of the files. ludovicc
add TODO: provide a french version of the messages ludovicc

Release 2.2.2 - 2005-06-26

fix Fixed downloading of files on site ludovicc
fix Fixed support of multiple cvsRoot, as seen on the site ludovicc
fix Bug #1212524: support FishEye 1.0.1 ludovicc
fix Fixed detection of gzipped content on some web sites ludovicc
fix Bug #1173243: support ludovicc
fix Bug #1193006: fix, patch provided by ated at ludovicc
fix support again ludovicc
fix Fixed autodetection that was blocking cvsgrab on some sites (, ludovicc
fix Fixed combined use of -url and -webInterface parameters ludovicc

Release 2.2.1 - 2005-03-24

fix Don't run validation when user specifies which web interface to use. ludovicc
fix Fixed auto-detection of the web interface (SourceCast 2.0) for ludovicc

Release 2.2 - 2005-02-10

add added unique -url parameter, guess from this param the root url, package url, project root ludovicc
fix Decompress files when the pages are gzipped. (bug #983998) ludovicc
fix Restored download of files for the Maven project (bug #1077452, #1072751) ludovicc
update update to NekoHTML 0.94 ludovicc
add Added support for CVSWeb 3.0 ludovicc
add Added support for SourceCast 3.0 (used by now) ludovicc
add Added support for CVSWeb 3.0 ludovicc
fix hangs forever - cvsgrab -rootUrl -packagePath forms -destDir c:/tmp -prune ludovicc

Release 2.1 - 2004-05-12

add Add diff functionality. Feature request from Aslak Helsoy (and me!) ludovicc
add store the cvsgrab options like the root url in the CVS admin files. This allow you to execute cvsgrab the second time with no parameters, as it can locate the web repository from those admin files. ludovicc
add Add support for Chora 2.0. ludovicc
add Add a clean update option, to force download ing the latest version of a locally modified file. Feature request from Amaury Forgeot d'Arc. ludovicc
add Detect file type (text or binary) and set the =kb flag in the CVS entries for binary files. Feature request from Amaury Forgeot d'Arc. ludovicc
fix Fixed: pruneEmptyDirs doesn't remove the pruned directories from the CVS entries. ludovicc
update Support cvsWeb 1.0 with multiple project roots. Necessary to get files from ludovicc
add Add support for gzipped content. Patch provided by Ralf Stoffels. ludovicc
fix Another fix of, this time about the evaluation of CVSGRAB_HOME variable, contributed by Daniel Fischer. ludovicc

Release 2.0.3 - 2004-02-05

update Improved auto-detect functionality: now tests different URLs according to the type of the expected web interface. ludovicc
update use Jakarta's CLI library to parse command line arguments ludovicc
update Output looks more like the standard cvs command. ludovicc
add Add support for ViewCVS 0.9.2 with multiple cvs roots ( and CVSWeb 1.0 ( ludovicc

Release 2.0.2 - 2003-12-27

add Added support for SourceCast 1.1 used by (contributed partially by Laurent Broudoux). ludovicc
fix Fixed fixed log arguments that were not working on Linux (contributed by Eric Le Goff). ludovicc
fix Simplified XPath expressions to avoid duplicates in file and directory selections. ludovicc

Release 2.0.1 - 2003-12-07

add Added support for CvsWeb 2.0. ludovicc
add Added initial test that connects to the site by using the root url, this should help to detect proxy settings issues. ludovicc
add Added manual selection of the web interface, this can fix issues with some web sites where the autodetect feature doesn't work. ludovicc
fix Fixed use unix-style file format, updated script and make it use the $CVSGRAB_HOME environment variable (copied from Ant script). ludovicc
fix Fixed incorrect urls for directories that contain spaces ludovicc
fix ViewCVS 1.0: fixed detection when ViewCvs is not configured with multiple cvs roots. ludovicc
fix Contributed by Amaury Forgeot d'Arc. wxWindows apparently uses ViewCVS 0.9.2, but with an additional link after each file name to show the "revision graph". See So I had to modify the file and change _fileVersionXpath = "TD[A/IMG/@alt != '(graph)' ] [2 ] /A/B"; ludovicc
fix Contributed by Amaury Forgeot d'Arc. Removed caching of pages by the server to get the up-to-date version of the directory lists. ludovicc

Release 2.0 - 2003-10-31

update Use commons-logging to handle logging. This makes logging compatible with the Java 1.4 logging API. ludovicc
fix Fixed logging level for http client library to avoid repetitive warnings like 'Response content length is not known'. ludovicc
fix Use rootUrl + packagePath to detect the type of the web interface instead of rootUrl alone. This should fix redirection issues with Sourceforge where is redirected to ludovicc
fix Put back Main-Class attribute in cvsgrab.jar to be able to run cvsgrab with java -jar cvsgrab.jar ludovicc
fix Fixed an issue on Windows systems where files where not updated because the timestamp stored by Windows does not include seconds. ludovicc
fix Added more synchronisation to fix the issue xxx\CVS\Root (Specific file path not found) when using simultaneous connections. ludovicc

Release 2.0-beta3 - 2003-10-24

fix Fixed cookie support to avoid tons of warnings when grabbing files from ludovicc
fix Fixed null pointer exception when optional packageDir parameter was not set. ludovicc
fix Hide password. ludovicc
add When password is not present but user name is present, display a masked prompt that asks securely for the password. ludovicc

Release 2.0-beta2 - 2003-10-23

add Added detection for invalid rootUrl ludovicc
update Spli t parameter package into packagePath and packageDir, to be able to give the package path on the web site, and use a different name for storing the package on the disk.

WARNING: this affects the command line arguments and the ant task, read the documentation for more details.
fix Fixes for NT domain authentification on MS proxies. ludovicc
fix Fix prune empty dirs: empty directories are now removed from CVS entries. ludovicc
fix Fixed autodetection for Sourceforge viewcvs interface: force the version to ViewCVS 0.8 when the root url contains or . ludovicc

Release 2.0-beta - 2003-10-15

update Changed license from LGPL to BSD ludovicc
update Replaced HotSax by NekoHtml for parsing html pages, uses xpath to extract data from the html pages. ludovicc
update Replace jcvsii by NetBeans' cvsclient, license is more friendly and this is better designed and supported ludovicc
update Now uses Jakarta commons-httpclient to make http connections, it supports more options in particular for authentification on the web site or on the proxy. ludovicc
add open multiple connections to download files faster. ludovicc
add Added support for authentification with NT credentials used on MS proxies. ludovicc
add Added support for authentification on the web server. ludovicc
add Added support for localy modified files: they should not be updated even if there is a more recent version on the remote repository. ludovicc
add Added support for multiple cvsroots (argument cvsroot=[root ] to the query on viewcvs 0.9.2) ludovicc
fix Fixed issue with files recovered from the Attic/ folder when using version tags. ludovicc
add Added support for different cvs web interfaces. Currently ViewCVS version 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0-dev and SourceCast 2.0 are supported. ludovicc
add Added unit tests for better quality. ludovicc

Release 1.2 - 2002-10

add Added the date in the cvs entries. ludovicc
fix Made update more robust when there is an upload that failed (failed uploads don't get their version updated) ludovicc
add Defined CVSGRAB_HOME, used to run cvsgrab.bat from any location. ludovicc
fix Bugfixes, in particular on the pruneEmptyDirs functionality ludovicc

Release 1.1 - 2002-08

update Refactoring: renamed package from cvsgrab to net.sourceforge.cvsgrab ludovicc
add Added support for proxies and http authentication. ludovicc
add Added prune empty directories functionality. ludovicc
fix Removed first / in the name stored in the Repository admin file for more compatibility with WinCVS. ludovicc

Release 1.0 - 2002-06

update Used clean Java code instead of BSF scripts. ludovicc
add Created a cvsgrab Ant task ludovicc
add Packaging, documentation. ludovicc
add Now able to delete the files removed from the repository ludovicc
add Support for version tags/branches. ludovicc

Release 0.1 - 2002-04

add First release. Uses scripts based on BSF (Bean scripting framework) and Hotsax, initially available under the Hotsax project ( ludovicc