1. Install Java JRE version 1.2 or better on your computer, select the JRE dowload for your computer
  2. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to your java installation directory
  3. Unzip or cvsgrab_v2.0.tar
  4. (optional) Set the CVSGRAB_HOME environment variable to your cvsgrab installation directory, for example CVSGRAB_HOME=c:\cvsgrab, this is required for the batch script if you don't run it from its install directory.

Note: On Windows, environment variables can be defined from the Dos command line with:


Or, for Windows XP, from Control Panel / System / Advanced tab / Environment variables button, define the variable there then restart the Dos command line.

To run cvsgrab, from the command line do:

cd <cvsgrab install dir>

cvsgrab <options>