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Uses of RemoteDirectory in net.sourceforge.cvsgrab

Methods in net.sourceforge.cvsgrab that return RemoteDirectory
 RemoteDirectory RemoteFile.getDirectory()
 RemoteDirectory RemoteRepository.getRemoteDirectory(String dirPath)
          Gets the remote directory attribute
 RemoteDirectory RemoteRepository.nextDirectoryToProcess()

Methods in net.sourceforge.cvsgrab with parameters of type RemoteDirectory
 void LocalRepository.add(RemoteDirectory remoteDir)
          Adds a remote directory in the local filesystem, and update the CVS admin entries for that directory.
 void LocalRepository.cleanRemovedFiles(RemoteDirectory remoteDirectory)
          Remove the local copies of the files that have been deleted in the remote repository.
 File LocalRepository.getLocalDir(RemoteDirectory remoteDir)
          Gets the local directory to use for storing the contents of the remote directory
 void RemoteRepository.registerDirectoryToProcess(RemoteDirectory remoteDir)
          Registers a directory to process
 void RemoteFile.setDirectory(RemoteDirectory directory)
          Sets the directory

Constructors in net.sourceforge.cvsgrab with parameters of type RemoteDirectory
RemoteDirectory(RemoteDirectory parentDirectory, String name)
          Constructor for RemoteDirectory

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