Package net.sourceforge.cvsgrab

Class Summary
CVSGrab Application class for CVSGrab.
CVSGrabAdminHandler Handles the CVS admin files.
CVSGrabTask Ant task for CVSGrab.
CvsWebInterface Abstracts the web interface available for a CVS repository.
LocalRepository The local repository where the files are stored on this computer.
RemoteDirectory Represents a directory from the remote CVS server
RemoteFile Represents a file stored in the remote repository
RemoteRepository Represents the remote repository available via the ViewCVS web interface.
ThreadPool Simple fized sized Thread Pool
WebBrowser Emulates a web browser
WebOptions Options for the web repository

Exception Summary
DetectException Base class for the exceptions thrown by the detect method on the WebInterface class.
InvalidVersionException Exception thrown when the version detected is incompatible with the version supported by the web interface.
MarkerNotFoundException Exception throw when the detect ethod on the WebInterface doesn't locate the version marker on the page.

Copyright © 2002-2005 Ludovic Claude. All Rights Reserved.